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Leah Wilson McDill, Licensed Professional Counselor—Supervisor, and Co-Founder of New Life. I enjoy working with individuals to address boundaries, negotiation of power in relationships, conflicts in intimacy and/or spirituality, shame, grief & loss, and those adjusting to a diagnosis of a chronic medical issue (as I am a Type-I diabetic and a cancer survivor).  I invite clients to consider how past relationships influence current relational patterns and how these often influence current anxiety and depression.  I pursue this by a) grieving past pain, and b) focusing on a client’s internal resources to help manage his/her greatest fears and unmet fantasies.  Lastly, I enjoy teaching graduate students at Texas State University, and training LPC-Interns on how to integrate Christian faith within the therapy process here at New Life.

Education:       Doctorate of Philosophy in Marriage & Family Therapy, Fuller Theological Seminary
                        Master of Arts in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary
                        Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Oral Roberts University
                       Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy, Oral Roberts University
                       Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Oral Roberts University

Professional Memberships:      The Net Connection, Co-Founder
                                                 Christian Counselors of Texas

Teaching Affiliation:  Adjunct Professor at Texas State University
512-238-1700 ext. 312

Richard W. McDill, Licensed Professional Counselor—Supervisor, and Co-founder of New Life. Because I am Certified in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), I enjoy working with people to address trauma issues as an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma.  In addition, I enjoy working with couples and individuals to address interpersonal relationship issues and helping couples transform their relationships into healthy, fulfilling experiences.

Education:   Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy,  Azusa Pacific                                 University 
                    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Wichita State University

Certifications:  Certified EMDR Therapist (for more information about EMDR Therapy visit:     

Professional Memberships:  EMDR International Association, Christian Counselors of Texas, and American Counseling Association
512-238-1700 ext. 311

verified by Psychology Today

Carol Greenberg, Licensed Professional Counselor.  EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) addresses current stressors that reflect past painful memories causing interference in current relationships.  Desensitizing those painful memories with EMDR Therapy can help remove the “sting”.  I actively integrate Christian principles with Cognitive Behavioral theory, which believes thoughts and feelings are interconnected and drives our behavior.  I work with individuals, families, couple issues, parenting, co-parenting, and adolescents, to address forgiveness and spiritual issues, grief, sexual and intimacy issues, low self-esteem, shame, depression, and anxiety.  Tired of life pushing you around, feeling depressed and out of control, I believe counseling can provide direction and insight to help you find stability in your relationships and life goals.  Many things in life we have no control over; however, we can have control over our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Thinking about how to respond rather than overreacting can influence others.

Education:      Master of Arts degree in Counseling, Seminary of the Southwest
                      Bachelor of Science, University of Texas, with ESL (English as a Second Language)

Certifications:    Certified EMDR Therapist (for more information on EMDR Therapy, visit
                         Healthy Sexuality Certification (American Association of Christian Counselors)
                          Couple’s Assessment, Prepare and Enrich
                         Twogether in Texas Provider
                          Special Education Certification

Professional Memberships:      The Net Connection
                                                 EMDRIA International Association
512-238-1700 ext. 315

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Deana Reed, Licensed Professional Counselor.  At times, the stress of life can become overwhelming or downright painful.  Having someone to help you navigate this difficult season could be the answer to finding healing.  I understand that pain and conflict can affect every area of our lives if left unidentified and unexplored.  My desire is to help you come to a place where you recognize the root of the pain, and determine where unhealthy perceptions, patterns, and behaviors originate.  I work from a Family Systems framework.  I see each person as being a part of a unique family dynamic.  Once a person can understand how they operate in their family system as a child, then they can understand how that affects them today in their current family system.  I am passionate about working with individuals seeking help with their spirituality, anxiety, depression, and grief/shame.  I have a special interest in walking alongside individuals who have been hurt by infidelity and helping them navigate the road to recovery.  Taking clients at our North and Southwest Locations.

Education:      Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, Texas State University
                      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Texas State University
512-238-1700 ext. 318

verified by Psychology Today

Jessica Fine, Licensed Professional Counselor. I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve mental and emotional well-being and to lead a life that is worth celebrating. I am passionate re: helping guide you and your family on this journey of healing. With compassion and understanding, I provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. I work with each individual to empower him/her to build on strengths and attain personal growth. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in life and in relationships. By integrating Bowen Family Systems theory and sound Biblical principles, we will unearth long-standing relational patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Among my areas of expertise are marriage, parenting, blended and nuclear families, relationship issues, divorce recovery, as well as a wide variety of challenges that are facing teens and young women.  Taking clients at our North Location.

Education:      Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Oral Roberts Univiersity
                      Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Oral Roberts University
                      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Oral Roberts University

Certifications:     Positive Discipline Parent Educator
512-238-1700 ext. 321

Rachel Elisa Gardner, Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. Se habla español.  My passion and work is to be an instrument of healing and growth in the lives of others. As a therapist, I walk together with you as a companion on your path toward living fully. In relationship and connection, growth is facilitated and sustained by the mutual responsibility between you and me.   I consider that individuals always carry his or her family with them. Thus, whether you are seeking services as an individual or with members of your family, I work from a Bowen Family Systems approach. This holistic approach always views the individual in relation to others and considers that the family, not the individual, is the basic emotional unit. In walking with you and your family, it is my hope and purpose to encourage new life-giving relational patterns and accompany you all toward a full, free, engaged and responsible, shared life.  My speciality is working with teens and their parents in family counseling, although I work with children as young as 10 and with adults in individual treatment as well.  Please contact me to explore if I will be the right person to walk with you on your way.  Taking clients at our North and Southwest Locations.

Es mi pasión y trabajo    ser un instrumento de curación y crecimiento personal en la vida de  otros. Como terapeuta, le  acompañaré en su camino hacía una vida plenamente vivida. En nuestra relación y conexión, el crecimiento es facilitado y sostenido por nuestra mutua responsabilidad. Considero que los individuos siempre llevan consigo su familia. Por eso si usted busca tratamiento individual o para múltiples miembros de su familia, trabajo bajo la teoría sistémica de Bowen. Este enfoque terapéutico siempre considera que la familia, no el individuo, es la unidad básica de la emoción. Al acompañar a las familias, es mi esperanza y propósito facilitar nuevas maneras fructíferas de relacionarse, y caminar con ustedes hacía una vida plena, libre, mutuamente responsable y compartida. Tengo varios años de experiencia con adolescentes en riesgo. Mi especialidad es trabajar con adolescentes y sus padres en tratamiento familiar, aunque también trabajo con niños de 10 años y mayor. Además, trabajo con adultos en tratamiento individual."  Recibiendo nuevos clientes en ambos lugares.   

Education:      Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at St Mary’s University
                      Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology
                      Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin

Professional Memberships:    Catholic Psychotherapy Association
512-238-1700 ext. 310

Ellie Rogers, Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. Through the counseling process, my hope is to provide encouragement and support through the journey of uncovering insight and new perspective, strengthening your gifts and aligning more deeply with how you were created in the image of God. Working from a Bowen theoretical platform, I see each client as a part of the family they came from, serving in a unique role within that system. My passion is to empower my clients to find their voice within that system, creating healthy patterns and boundaries in areas of brokenness. I am honored to be in this field and my goal is to elicit hope and provide space for positive change, greater self-awareness within relational patterns and broadening perspectives for individuals and families through each person's strengths and innate value. I enjoy working with kids, adolescents and young adults--involving parents, as well. Additionally, as a Type I diabetic, I love to work alongside newly diagnosed clients and families, providing support with the changes and shifts in daily life that are required of a chronic illness diagnosis. I also have experience with anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, plus relationship and communication complications and premarital work. I would love to hear from you! If you’re interested in setting up a meeting, please feel free to contact me for further information!  Taking clients at our North and Southwest locations.

Education:        Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Denver Seminary
                          Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Certifications:  National Certified Counselor #682733
                          Prepare/Enrich Certified
512-238-1700 ext. 328

Angel Hirsch, Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern.  Life can become overwhelming at times. Each of us experiences hurt, pain, frustration, disappointment, sadness, or anxiety in our lives. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or family/marital distress, or maybe you are simply hurting deeply, there is help available.  I am dedicated to providing caring, professional, confidential, and effective counseling to my clients. Through the application of Cognitive Behavior Theory, my goal is to provide a compassionate, safe place where you are able to discuss your concerns, identify the problem and work toward personal goals to heal from trauma, improve relationships, overcome life’s challenges, gain insight, learn new life skills, grow as a person and become all that you were created to be.

Education:      Master of Arts Candidate, Professional Counseling, Liberty University
                       Bachelor of Arts in Education, Central Bible College

Professional Memberships:     American Association of Christian Counselors
                                                Christian Counselors of Texas
512-238-1700 ext. 323

Cassie Segerson, Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern.  Early life experiences often impact current relationships and functioning. In our therapeutic relationship, I will invite you to consider how past relationships and experiences in your life may be impacting current relationships and life satisfaction. One of my favorite parts about being a counselor is that through providing a safe place for you to process your life, you can foster greater honesty and awareness. I hope to be a relationship for you that fosters acceptance and encouragement to grow. I have experience working with individual adolescent and adult clients who are working through issues of or related to: domestic violence, addictions, socialization skills, identity formation, spirituality, co-dependency, relationships, ADHD, emotional eating, depression, and anxiety. In addition, I also hold an intern license as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and have experience working with individuals in recovery from substance use and process oriented addictions. I welcome meeting you and learning about how we may work together. I am most interested in supporting you as you grow. Let's talk!

Education:        Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Denver Seminary
                         Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Texas A&M University at College Station

Certifications:  Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor- Counselor Intern
                        National Certified Counselor #886737
512-238-1700 ext. 317

Bethany Schaefer, Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. Life can be so very difficult at times. My goal is to provide individuals, couples, and families a safe space to gain understanding and process through difficult seasons of life. Working from a family systems perspective I enjoy walking alongside others as they expand their knowledge and understanding of the important relationships in their lives. By learning how we are emotionally reactive in our families and relationships we are better able to manage our world and the relationships in it in a calm and thoughtful way. I enjoy working with couples and families towards overcoming the struggles that are a part of doing life together as well as individuals experiencing relationship difficulties in the home, professionally, or in other areas. I truly believe that investing the time and effort to work toward overcoming obstacles can foster growth and change. I have experience working with adult and teen individuals, couples re: marital and parenting issues, families of first responders, and families and couples that are experiencing difficult chapters including broken trust, pregnancy and perinatal loss, and communication differences. I would love to speak with you and see if I may be a good fit to walk beside you as you make positive change in your life.

Education:   Master of Arts in Professional Counseling; Marriage & Family Therapy, Texas State University
                      Bachelor of Science in Social Work, University of Texas

Certifications:  National Certified Counselor #889208

Professional Memberships:   American Counseling Association
                                                  Christian Counselors of Texas
512-238-1700 ext. 313




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